Exhibitions are immersive environments. We aim to make exhibitions as more than a ‘book on a wall’ by including sound, vision, sensory and interactive experiences wherever possible to engage all the visitors’ senses.

SHP creates permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions for heritage sites, visitor centres, tourism bodies, museums and commercial clients as well as promotional displays and trade show stands.


The Great Ocean Road National Heritage Centre

Lorne, Victoria
Client: Surf Coast Shire
Date: 2013-2014

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous roads in the world, yet few know the stories behind its construction. In 2013, SHP was engaged to develop an Interpretation Plan for a new Great Ocean Road National Heritage Centre. SHP’s scope of works included historical research, theming, interpretive planning, concept design, detailed design and documentation and graphic design.


SHP was subsequently engaged to work on Stage Two of the centre’s development, which took the exhibition to implementation. Our scope of works included developed design, content and graphics, design, construction and installation of interpretive media. We were also engaged to advise on the marketing and promotion of the centre.


The Great Ocean Road National Heritage Centre was officially opened on 26 November 2014.


The Star Pitt Street Interpretation Centre

George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Client: Think City and The Star Newspaper
Date: 2012-14

In 2012 The Star and Think City embarked on an ambitious venture to transform The Star’s Pitt Street building, a former opium den, into an exciting interpretation centre and arts space. SHP was invited to work on the project, following the success of the Interpretation Masterplan and Style Guide for the whole of George Town. The Interpretation Centre tells The Penang Story, which celebrates the state’s cultural diversity and the histories of its many communities.


The project involved interpretive planning, consultation, curatorial work, copy-writing, design, graphic design, signage, fabrication, supervision of Malaysian contractors and installation. SHP’s contract was subsequently extended to include interior design of The Star newspaper’s new office spaces, the ground floor lift lobby, stairs to first floor and the floor, walls and ceiling of the public space.


SHP worked closely with The Star, stakeholders and community groups from Penang to create an exciting exhibition that pays tribute to the state and its people. The exhibition, which opened on 6 September, features a unique design by SHP, which responds to the heritage requirements of the building and also references George Town’s famous cast iron public art. SHP also developed an audio-visual display that features an animation of a trishaw travelling the streets of George Town and exploring its heritage places and living cultural traditions.


Alfred Deakin: from journalist to international diplomat

Geelong, Victoria
Client: Deakin University
Date: 2014

This exhibition celebrates the public identity of one of Australia's most significant historical figures, 'Affable Alfred' Deakin.  A gifted journalist, public speaker and man of the world, Deakin served three terms as Australia's Prime Minister during turbulent political times.


Alfred Deakin: from journalist to international diplomat explores the public face of the politician through a series of evocative and striking graphic installations and an animation of Deakin’s international travels. The exhibition will tour regional Victoria.


This is SHP’s fifth exhibition for Deakin University.





Budj Bim Orientation Centre

Heywood, Victoria
Client: Windamara Aboriginal Corporation
Date: 2009

In 2009 SHP was commissioned to develop a film and design and curate an exhibition for the new Budj Bim Orientation Centre in Heywood, Victoria. The Orientation Centre aims to provide visitors with a taste of Gunditjmara culture before they visit significant sites in the region.


The project involved interpretive planning, historical research, identifying key themes and storylines in close collaboration with the Gunditjmara community, writing all exhibition text, selecting images and obtaining high resolution files and permissions as well as designing all graphic panels and signage. SHP was also responsible for fabricating and installing the exhibition and associated fitout of the retail space and for producing a film.


SHP’s installation team successfully installed the exhibition in a five-day build that included offsite pre-fabrication and onsite fit and finish. The project met all client expectations and has been endorsed by members of the Gunditjmara community.


Billington Prideaux Design (graphic design)

Ferguson Films



Australian Prime Ministers Centre

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Client: Old Parliament House
Date: 2007

SHP was asked to create a captivating visitor experience that explored the role of each of Australia's Prime Ministers in shaping the nation. SHP’s scope of works included design, sourcing all images and obtaining high-resolution images and fabrication. SHP developed the project from design concept through to the final installation.


The exhibition was an engaging chronological panorama that explores the life and time of each Australian Prime Minister beginning with Edmund Barton and ending with Kevin Rudd. The exhibition incorporates multimedia screens with purpose-made short films about each Prime Minister, significant items of material culture, text and graphic panels, a timeline of key events in Australian history, stunning pictorial material and an immersive entrance hallway.


Mr Howard said the centre would reflect the history of the nation since Federation and also be “a reminder of just how successful we have been as a democracy”. “It does serve us well, to be reminded occasionally, that with all the self-flagellation we occasionally engage in, that we have been a remarkable successful democracy,” he said.
Megan Doherty

The Canberra Times, Friday 22 June 2007




‘There’s a War On!’

Regional touring exhibition, New South Wales
Client: Museums and Galleries NSW
Date: 2009-current

Museums & Galleries NSW initially engaged SHP to develop a Curatorial Rationale and Exhibition Outline for a touring exhibition exploring ‘home front’ experiences of World War II in regional New South Wales. SHP was then commissioned to develop and produce the exhibition.


SHP undertook all design, curatorial work and project management, including historical research, writing banner text and object labels, image selection (including obtaining all permissions and high resolution files), industrial design, graphic design, documentation, fabrication and installation.


The exhibition, which opened at Wagga Wagga in August 2009 and travelled to a number of regional museums, finished at Orange City Library in 2013. The popular exhibition consisted of a visually striking title feature and integrated multimedia component, custom-made and printed ottomans featuring wartime propaganda posters and local photographs, pull-up banners with text and graphics and four exhibition showcases containing objects sourced from across New South Wales. All aspects of the exhibition were designed to be durable and easily assembled and a smaller version of the exhibition could be mounted for libraries and historical societies with limited space.




Alfred Deakin: Duty and Devotion

Geelong, Victoria
Client: Deakin University
Date: 2011

SHP developed an exhibition about the life of Alfred Deakin in 2011. The exhibition was designed for annual display to celebrate Deakin’s birthday and therefore was required to be easy to store and install.


The exhibition is an elegant graphic display that showcases Alfred Deakin’s private life through images and stories. Stand-alone silhouettes of Alfred Deakin are designed to capture the audiences’ attention and provide a dynamic element to the exhibition. The multimedia display features a graphic timeline that puts Deakin’s life and achievements in the context of Australian and international historical events. SHP also produced the promotional material for the exhibition.






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